Radio 6 Shaun Keaveny Three Wise Brians from Christmas 2017

I really liked some of the chat from this broadcast so saved some of the good bits here

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Where are we going?


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Movember 2016

Have you noticed that I look a bit different lately? I’m growing my moustache for 30 days and it’s not just a bold fashion statement. I’m doing it to raise funds for the Movember Foundation, and I need your support. Please make a donation to my moustache!






Update: 6th December

This is the transformation witnessed at our house on Saturday night:

2016-12-03-20-04-35-resized 2016-12-03-20-12-05-resized 2016-12-03-20-18-38-resized




Yes, this is what everyone has had to put up with for the past month!



What’s that under his nose you ask? it became affectionately known as the squirrel.
Scarily, some started to think he suited it!


There was a point to it of course, and that was to raise sponsorship for a cause that isn’t often highlighted, if you can support it too please see my Mo space

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Half size bath in #Wissant for #tripadvisor as the #Stig

Reviews of Hotels, Flights and Holiday Rentals

This was a very small bath in a hotel in Wissant, France we stayed at. I very much doubt this picture will appear on our review.


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Cycle To Work Day 2015

OK, no surprise here, I’ll be cycling to work (as I do every day!) but next week I’ll be going that little bit further as I’ve convinced Helen to join too by promising I’ll get her to Victoria and back.

We’ll go in via Morden Hall park and as many quiet routes as I can find then stop for a pint on the way back in Balham. I’ll definitely avoid Vauxhall.Cycle To Work Day


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Return to the Ionian

In July 2015 we chartered Sirius, a Bravia 37 in Corfu and explored Paxos and Anti Paxos.

15480042.resized 12120017.resized P1000955.resized 15450037.resized P1000985.resized P1000974.resized P1000999.resized P1010014.resized P1000923.resized

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Matt LeBlanc’s ringtone from “Episodes”

Talking about Episodes yesterday and how Matt LeBlanc has kept that same ring tone since the first series. Turns out it’s Two Time by Syd Dale and someone has made a shortened version for the iPhone. I had some time before the train arrived in town so I used a service by ZamZar to covert it to .ogg for my Android and saved under Ringtones.


Not sure how long this will last but every time I hear it it makes me chuckle!

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