Highwaycode rule #129 and Morden Rd

I hate this stretch of road sometimes. There are solid white lines to prevent vehicles from overtaking on approach to the brow of a hill, but this rule in the Highway Code gives car drivers the excuse to ignore them, make an unsafe pass potentially having to cut in to avoid an oncoming car they didn’t see.



Every night on my commute home I see cars, HGVs and coaches straddling these double solid lines to pass cyclists, most are not slowing down traffic and doing more than 10mph, so in effect these drivers are contravening rule 129. Over the brow of the hill is a 30mph speed camera that everyone brakes for, and only then, a cycle lane starts!

Morden Rd

Approach to brow of hill where no over taking appropriate


Needless to say I’ve never seen a car stopped for an unsafe pass.

My quick win #Space4Cycling suggestion would be “Do Not Overtake Cyclists” signs, then convert the path to a cycle lane and make the other side pedestrian only??? Maybe divert some police resource from red light jumping duties to watch this spot for dangerous driving.

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