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Last week my 6 year old daughter joined me on my commute with the tow-a-long and yesterday I cycled with the girlfriend out to parks and around.

In both cases I didn’t want either put off by being close to cars (and lorries) so we stayed on pavements and, when I could find them, cycle routes.

It has been an eye opener! In fact on the way home my daughter just asked “Can we just go on the road Daddy? it’s easier…”

You might expect to see signs like this on pavements (or maybe not)


But what I wasn’t expecting was to keep coming across these


The path narrows, and cyclists are given nothing. It just stops. Not even paint on the road.


And paint is just paint at the end of the day, it’s not much good either if it just stops because some pinch point or narrowing of the road means there’s not room for a vehicle and a cyclist. It’s as if the planners just gave up, rather than give the more vulnerable road user priority or some warning to all road users alike, you just see the cycle lane stop, and then start again when there’s room further down the road.

If you are reading this I’m probably preaching to the converted anyway. Hopefully the need for these will be reduced if the cycle routes were just joined up in the first place!


And why is this a warning sign anyway? Cycle routes increase the safety for everyone. That’s the psychology gained of being in a metal box Jon Snow talks about creeping into the Highway code.

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