Building a BBQ

OK, this was made last August. But it is still standing so I think worthy of a post! 🙂


My advice would be buy the sand and cement then mix your own instead of using pre-mixed bags. Not only does this save money but you get a better mix. Here you can see the first 6 rows of bricks laid as the pre-mix ran out!

Note the fairy liquid!



Just taking time, constantly checking bricks are level with a spirit level/piece of wood – and of course that the BBQ tray/grill fits!

Re. keeping everything level, I ended up building on old paving that was already in the ground.

When I started the plan changed to fit in around these “foundations” – only problem was they weren’t level, so under that first row more cement was used on one side than the other.




And hey presto – one BBQ!












And of course make sure you don’t buy too many bricks! 🙂

£25 for B&Q BBQ

£70 for too many bricks, cement & sand from Selco

One afternoon.

From B&Q I also bought a small trowel £7, brick chisel £6 and fancy paving slab £5.

Turned out I never did use that slab in the end, it’s still a “table top” lying on a pile of extra bricks. When I started the intention was to follow the instructions from, but then that was adapted in an agile way when the product owner surveyed the foundations we had to work with 🙂

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  1. marcus says:

    see also – I’ve recently had to replace the BBQ and B&Q no longer supply their’s

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